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Bright Eyes is our newest Community Outreach program for qualifying children (Infant - 12th grade students) of Active Duty service members and Department of Defense employees to receive a $50 rebate after the purchase of prescription eyeglasses.

*One per eligible applicant, per year*

How It Works

  1. The applicant needs to have his/her vision screened and obtain a prescription.

  2. The applicant purchases a pair of prescription glasses.

  3. The applicant will turn in an application form to the HCSC within thirty (30) daysof purchase, including all required documentation.

  4. The HCSC will issue a credit of up to $50.00, not to exceed the purchase price, towards a pair of glasses, until funds are exhausted.

  5. Checks will be issued by the 10th of the following month and will be mailed to the applicants.


  • All dependents of Active Duty Service members and Department of Defense employees, infant up to 12th grade students.

  • Sponsor and family members must be assigned to and live within the Hohenfels community.

  • Dependents or their family members do not have to be members of the HCSC to participate.

  • Dependents can only receive one credit through the “Bright Eyes” Program within the current school year. The school year shall be defined as the calendar year pre-prescribed by DODEA Europe. 

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