2020-2021 Scholarship Applications are OPEN NOW!

Apply by MARCH 30!

Applicant Eligibility

  1. Applicant must be a dependent or sponsor where the sponsor is both living in and working in the JMRC Hohenfels Area.

  2.  Applicant must have a current membership or have a parent / guardian / sponsor / spouse with current membership in the HCSC prior to the application deadline of March 30, 2021.

  3. Applicant and sponsor must both possess valid military identification cards.

  4. Please upload your essays and answers to questions within the form.

  5. Please upload your Letters of Recommendations within the form.

  6. Applicant must have applied to or be attending an accredited college or university in a degree-seeking program.

  7. The scholarship application is for high school seniors and continuing education applicants who have already taken or will take college credit courses at an accredited college or university.

  8. Applicants can only be awarded one scholarship per board year. Each board year begins in June and ends the following May.

Conditions of the Scholarship Award

  1. The scholarship will be applied to classes taken toward your degree. The scholarship is for payment of tuition, books, laboratory fees, and exam fees.

  2. Scholarship awards will be made payable to the financial office of the chosen institution of higher learning. If payment by the HCSC directly to the accredited institution is not possible, the award will be considered invalid and will be rolled back onto the HCSC Scholarship Fund. ​

  3. The Hohenfels Community and Spouses' Club Scholarship Committee reserves the right to deny any application where there is evidence of fraud and/or abuse, incomplete applications, or an inappropriate request of funds based on our mission. The Hohenfels Community and Spouses' Club reserves the right to make final decisions on all applications and use of funds.​

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