President: Michelle Turner

Acts as the official spokesperson for HCSC, appoints all committee chairs and a parliamentarian; leads and guides the Executive Board and General Board throughout the year.


1st Vice President: Erin Walsh

Provides oversight of any sub clubs, the website and/or newsletter as well as AWAG and publicity; chairs and coordinates Membership drive(s) in conjunction with the Membership chair; serves on the Thrift Shop Board.

2nd Vice President: Kelly McCarthy

Plans, coordinates and executes at least one general membership function per month from September through May; provide oversight for the Bazaar, Hospitality, the Spring Fundraiser, Membership Chair, Reservations Chair and the Volunteer Coordinator.

Treasurer: Sarah Custer

Has a SOFA status in accordance with Private Organization Regulations; is the custodian for all HCSC funds; collects, deposits and records the collection of HCSC money and signs all checks; provides oversight for the Welfare Committee, the Thrift Shop, Ways and Means and the Scholarship Committee.


Secretary: VACANT

Records the minutes of all Executive and BOG meetings in which business is conducted; acts as a point of contact of all communication related services; provides oversight for the Historian and Property Manager.


Parliamentarian: Larrissa Pearce

Advises the BOG of correct parliamentary procedure during meetings; serves as Chairperson of the annual Bylaws and the Biennial Constitution revisions; serves as Chairperson on the Nominating committee; conducts elections and runs the EXBOG and BOG meetings.


Historian: VACANT

Maintains historical records, in digital format (scrapbook/slideshow) of the HCSC activities throughout the year.


Hospitality: Alina Kalasouski

Welcomes each guest and new members at social functions, coordinates and supports the Membership and Reservation Chair whenever necessary.


Membership: Yvonne Lahr

Maintains a current list of members and furnishes the list to the Reservation chair with monthly corrections and updates; promotes membership through drives, social media and the use of the thrift shop


Reservations: Erin Babb

Sends program or event invitations to general members and takes reservations and cancellations for all HCSC events.


Property Manager: VACANT

Coordinates all maintenance of the buildings and grounds through the Directorate of public Works (DPW) or the appropriate oversight unit; maintains a had receipt record of all HCSC property; is responsible of allowing access to the HCSC building.

Publicity Chair: Leslie Anderson

Ensures that a representative is present to brief ACS “Hallo Hohenfels” attendees about the club, and update the welcome letter for the ACS newcomer packets annually; supports the 1st Vice President and Membership Chair with Membership Drives; supports and coordinates with the Membership Chair whenever necessary; develops and submits slides on behalf of HCSC and the Thrift Shop for the Community Information Forum as well as assisting the club with publicity for any social and fundraising events.


Scholarship Chair: VACANT

Chair a committee composed of an Advisor with four or five members from the General Membership to review all requests and make recommendations for scholarships; coordinates with the 2nd Vice to organize and execute a Scholarship Recipient Recognition Ceremony for exceptions.  (Typically at the May luncheon)


Thrift Shop Liaison: VACANT

Assist the Thrift Shop Manager and employees as necessary; recruits Thrift Shop volunteers; interviews and screens applications along with the Thrift Shop Advisor for the manager and staff positions.


Volunteer Coordinator: Nealie DeMott

Prepares all Certificates of Appreciation, the HCSC representative to the Installation Volunteer Coordinator and attends all Army Volunteer Committee meetings; maintains a list of volunteer hours for all club functions; coordinates with other Chair positions for volunteers for social and fundraising events

Ways and Means Chair: VACANT

Be responsible for purchasing items for monthly Ways and Means; maintains accurate inventory records of Ways and Means; operates Ways and Means at month social events, fundraisers and Bazaars as allowed.


Webmaster: Cynthia Sperry

Maintains and updates the HCSC website on a bi-monthly basis; along with the BOG Facebook page; and the club Facebook page.

Welfare Chair: Savannah Forster

Chairs a committee of an Advisor with 4 to 5 members from the General Membership to review all requests and make recommendations for grants given to the Hohenfels Community




Be responsible for all AWAG information throughout the year; act as a contact between the AWAG area Representative and HCSC to pass information; serve on the Fall Area Conference Committee; recruits candidates for annual conference


Bazaar Chair: Samantha Hamilton

Chairs the committee, which organizes and coordinates in conjunction with MWR for the annual HCSC Bazaar


Spring Fundraising Chair: Samantha Hamilton

Chairs the committee, which will plan and execute the Spring Fundraiser with MWR.

Advisor: Angie Bamba


Senior Advisor: Tory Lamb

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DISCLAIMER: The Hohenfels Community and Spouses' Club is a non-federal entity. It is not a part of the US Department of Defense or any of its components and has no governmental status. It is a private organization and not part of USAG Bavaria or the Joint Military Readiness Center.